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Helbling - Scouting and evaluation of sustainable engineering solutions

The scouting and assessment of sustainable technical solutions aims to identify and evaluate environmentally sustainable approaches.

The process includes the following steps: 1. Scouting for sustainable technical solutions: Actively seeking innovative solutions that align with sustainability goals. This involves researching existing or new technologies, methods, and practices with proven reduced environmental impacts compared to business as usual. 2. Evaluation of sustainable technical solutions: Comprehensive assessment of identified solutions to determine their performance. Factors considered include sustainability, feasibility, desirability and costs. During this process, the following questions are addressed: • How to enhance the sustainability of the next product generation? • What could be a sustainable alternative to the current system? • Are the identified solutions economically viable and technically feasible? By exploring and evaluating sustainable technical solutions using these considerations, companies can make informed decisions and prioritize environmentally responsible options.

  - Establish a circular economy
  - Improve efficient use of resources
  - Apply sustainable criteria in purchasing
  - Improve measures to prevent natural disasters
  - Achieve climate neutrality
  - Reduce emissions
  - Get out of fossil fuels
  - Avoid ocean pollution from plastic, chemicals, trash and eutrophication
  - Use ocean resources sustainably and avoiding overfishing and exploitation
  - Reduce ocean acidification (pH)
  - Sustainable protection and renaturation of freshwater ecosystems, e.g. forests, wetlands, dry areas, mountains
  - Reduce cost
  - Increase revenue
  - Increase company's resilience
  - Take social responsibility
  - Fulfill regulatory requirements