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Helbling - Ecodesign for Products and Systems

Ecodesign aims to minimize negative environmental impacts throughout the entire life cycle of products and systems.

Our ecodesign process includes various steps to ensure that the developed system is optimized in terms of environmental sustainability. Environmental Impact Assessment and Target Definition: This phase involves conducting life cycle assessments (LCA) to evaluate the sustainability performance of reference products or systems. Based on the assessment, optimization targets are set to align with the overall sustainability goals of the company. This is also used to evaluate new designs and assure that they have the lowest impact before they exist. System Optimization: This phase encompasses innovative technical development steps and considerations aimed at either creating new systems or enhancing existing ones for improved sustainability performance. Tyoicak questions that may be addressed during this process: - What are the key environmental impacts associated with the product or system throughout its life cycle? - How can we ensure that a product is optimal in terms of sustainability performance? - Are there original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers offering more sustainable options? - How can we set up a refurbishment process for a product line?

  - Implement environmentally compatible and efficient technologies
  - Improve scientific research
  - Lower environmental pollution
  - Ensure biodiversity
  - Establish a circular economy
  - Improve efficient use of resources
  - Avoid food waste
  - Reduce emissions
  - Get out of fossil fuels
  - Avoid ocean pollution from plastic, chemicals, trash and eutrophication
  - Sustainable protection and renaturation of freshwater ecosystems, e.g. forests, wetlands, dry areas, mountains
  - Minimize corporate risks
  - Reduce cost
  - Increase revenue
  - Increase company's resilience
  - Increase company's reputation
  - Take social responsibility
  - Actively practice environmental and climate protection
  - Fulfill regulatory requirements